Connecting People at the Speed of Light

Gigabit Squared is an emerging broadband development company and leading service provider for next generation networks in the US. Gigabit Squared is known for its deployment of gigabit services over fiber and wireless connections to residential, business, and government communities--including world-class universities, health care facilities, large urban residential and commercial centers.

The company is HQ’d in Cincinnati, Ohio. Gigabit Squared was named in 2012 and 2013 as a top fiber-to-the home organization in Broadband Communities magazine’s Top 100 list.

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Executive Team

About Us

The leadership team and Gigabit Squared is comprised of experienced professionals based in Cincinnati, Ohio that serves the nations growing demand for gigabit speed internet connectivity at home, at work, and on the go.

Gigabit Neighborhood


About Gigabit Squared

Focused Purpose

Gigabit Squared brings together communities of interest to stimulate and accelerate technological innovation and create real digital purpose.

Community Focus

We work with community stakeholders to implement high-impact solutions that leverage technology to achieve extraordinary citizen services and commercial competitiveness.

Forward Momentum

With the world moving to light speed, the most successful nations in the 21st Century will be those that lead the way in providing their businesses, institutions, and residents affordable gigabit networks.

Economic Development

Gigabit Squared focuses on solutions to break down barriers to create efficiencies, opportunities, and accessibility to all key community stakeholders, all with a goal of community-wide digital economic development.


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For general questions or press inquires please contact us as outlined below.

Gigabit Squared
120 East 8th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202